Feng Shui Water Fountains

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Feng Shui Water Fountains


In Feng Shui tradition, water fountains are used extensively to enhance and amplify the water element in a space.  A feng shui fountain helps to balance energy and increase personal strength. These wonderful fountains can significantly increase the quality of life.



Fountains bring the energy of the water Feng Shui element.

Water is an ancient Feng Shui symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity.  Flowing water symbolizes income.

Indoor water fountains are also a great way to diffuse healthy negative ions into the air. Most indoor environments can benefit greatly from at least one Feng Shui fountain.  Negative ions help clean the air and improve overall mood and well-being.

The gentle sound of flowing water brings a a sense of peace and tranquility to the home.

In many traditions the symbol of over flowing water in a container symbolizes the overflowing of positive emotion like the ace of cups in the tarot.




The best Feng Shui bagua areas to place your water fountain are in the following:

• East – Health/Family area

• Southeast – Wealth/Prosperity area

• North – Career/Life Path area

The location of your feng shui fountain is determined by the bagua, which is the Feng Shui energy map of your space.


2 Important things to think about when finding the best Feng Shui placement for your fountain:

1. Do not place your water fountain or water element in the South/Fame sector of the bagua as this sector requires a strong Fire element.

2. Do not place your fountain or water feature in your bedroom, no matter which Feng Shui area of your home it is located in. The water element brings the energy of worry and sorrow into the bedroom which is why a fountain in the bedroom is considered bad Feng Shui.


A good Feng Shui water fountain should be silent and easy to keep clean.  Make sure you replace the water often as water will become increasingly hard as evaporation occurs which leads to scale build-up.  You can place some crystals and stones in your fountain, which will double the energy benefits of the fountain.


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