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Bronze Rooster Figurine

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Item specifics
  • Material: Bronze
  • Size: (6.7×5.1×2.8) inch
  • Theme: Feng Shui
  • Use:  Great for Fame Sector of Bagua or the Office
  • Benefit: Combats office politics, third party interference in relationships and keeps competitors at bay
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Bronze Rooster Figurine 
Keep a rooster figurine on your desk or in your fame sector. The rooster has a well shaped beak and its tail is prominent, showing a sense of masculinity. It stands firm and tall with confidence. The rooster combats office politics, third party interference in relationships and keeps competitors at bay. The Rooster is strong, majestic and intimidating in nature and is also considered a very positive representation of Yang energy.

Sometimes the office can be more brutal than a battle field. You may find that a coworker is taking credit for your work, getting away with lesser work and getting more pay. Or it could be a boss making you want to tear your hair out by making unreasonable requests. You may find yourself greeted with hostile looks, left out of group lunches and getting a bad name or reputation. All this leaves you disheartened, unmotivated and your journey to the pay day becomes a living nightmare.

The Rooster will encourage you to thrive in a world of lying, backstabbing and dirty tricks. It will make the office a favorable place for you and ensure that you don’t get back stabbed. The Rooster will help you sort out political problems, arguments and jealousy in the office or business.


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