Clear Crystal Feng Shui Energy Pyramid

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Item specifics
  • Material: Artificial Crystal
  • Style:Egyptian
  • Theme: Feng Shui
  • Height: 50mm
  • Side length: 40mm
  • Benefits: Attracts Good Luck, Wealth, Healing, Space Clearing
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Clear Crystal Feng Shui Energy Pyramid

The Clear Crystal Pyramid is used to suppress bad energy and clean the spirit. It is also the symbol of pure love and good relationship. Crystals can enhance a person’s faith, confidence and determination.  
The Clear Crystal Pyramid can also give people the courage to conquer their fears and achieve their ultimate dreams, bringing fortune for entrepreneurs, enhancing self-confidence. They can also absorb the surrounding magnetic field and reduce the effects of radiation. 

By combining the Sacred Geometry of a Pyramid with the Sacred Geometry of a Crystal, you get a powerful piece that carries some high energies. The properties of focus and amplification are multiplied in these beautiful Clear Crystal Pyramids, making them great for manifestation programs. The more spiritual qualities of Pyramids and of crystal combine to make these Pyramids excellent meditation aids as well.

Abundant evidence exists to show that “energy of form” is attracted by, stored in, and emanated from model representations of the Great Pyramid. Years of investigation reveal that we are dealing with a multitude of energies, even though various researches tend to give the phenomenon a single name. The Egyptians are perhaps best known for their use of pyramid energy to protect the dead. However, for centuries pyramid energy has also been used for healing purposes. Pyramid vibrations affect our own auras, and it has been shown using Kirlian photography that the aura is brighter and larger after exposure to the pyramids and also quartz crystal. The quartz crystal can produce a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding atmosphere of positive ions.


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