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Baby Buddha Ceramic Monk Figurines


Item specifics
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Theme: Buddhism
  • Benefit: Attracts Good Luck
  • Colors: Pink, Blue, Cream and Yellow
  • Size: 5x5x9cm
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Baby Buddha Ceramic Monk Figurines


Used as a Feng Shui cure for good luck, abundance, happiness, success and good health.

The first thing you want to do when placing a Buddha statue or any statue of a deity is to make sure the location is truly one of reverence. This means you should never place one in a bathroom or kitchen. Also, you want the height of the Buddha to be at least eye level. Looking down at a deity is considered rude and irreverent. Avoid placing near electrical outlets, elect or equipment with moving parts and motors. This type of activity disturbs the surrounding energy.

What can Laughing Buddha do for you? Everything! He will take away your stress, worries and fill your life with laughter. And yes he will take away your financial worries as well!

Are you going through stressful times or demanding jobs? Are you loosing your patience, your temper or your laughter? Simply look at the Laughing Buddha. He can be your immediate mood lifter. He is the jolliest of all the souls just like Santa. I can bet you will feel his laughter and positive energy.

Are you troubled with bills and financial troubles? Does the economy create constant feats and worries? Rub his tummy once a day. And he will take away all your financial worries.

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All Four, Yellow, Cream, Blue, Pink


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