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Feng Shui 5 Coin Hanger in a Variety of Colors

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Item specifics
  • Use: Home Decoration
  • Style: Feng Shui
  • Material: Brass alloy
  • Function: Money Drawing and Luck
  • Shape: 5 Coins
  • Colors: Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow, Green and Red
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Lucky Coins

Feng Shui Coins are an amazing Feng Shui tool to help attract more money and success.

Feng Shui Coins are one of the simplest to use tools. They are used to draw money and wealth. However, they work really well for protection and lucky aswell. Feng Shui coins are known by various other names such as Chinese coins, Chinese lucky coins, Chinese good luck coins and lucky coins. One of the best things about Chinese lucky coins is the simplicity. They’re just awesomely simple to use. Furthermore, you can use them at numerous places unlike other Feng Shui lucky or wealth charms such as money frog or water fountain.

These are the coins with the Chinese writing on them, that are tied together with a red string. They usually come as hangings.

  • What is it good for – These coins are supposed to bring prosperity, better flow of money or income and good luck.
  • Where to keep it – These Chinese coins should be used in threes, fives, sixes, sevens or eights. Any other number of coins will prove to be unlucky. They can be hung on the inside of doors. For businesses, they can be put in an envelope and put on or under the table. The meaning of feng shui symbols of coins is actually never ending source of income, so they can be tied to the wallet or handbag as well. These Chinese coins are believed to be auspicious gifts as well, for in gifting this to others and providing them with greater prosperity, we are increasing our own prosperity as well.



In Feng Shui tradition, the use of colors can have huge effects to your home. Colors can play a major role in our moods and emotions. In Feng Shui colors are used to amplify the energies of your home to create harmony and balance. Choose that best suits your desires.


  1. Yellow – Sunny, Nourishing, Happy (Fire or Earth Element)

The feng shui color of sunlight, cheerful and uplifting yellow always brightens any home or office. Yellow creates a cozy, welcoming energy in the kitchen, living room or children’s rooms.


  1. Red – Passion, Courage, Romance (Fire Element)

Red is a strong fire element feng shui color. The vibrant red color brings the energy of joy, excitement and intimate passion. Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness, and in the west, it’s the symbolic color of love, romance, courage and passion.  Red is great for the relationship sector of the bagua.


  1. Green – Growth, Health, Vibrancy (Wood Element)

Green is the Feng Shui color of growth, expansion, lively, action, decisiveness, renewal, fresh energy and regeneration.  Green is very nourishing to your health, bringing healing vibrations from nature. Green can motivate internal change and personal development. Great for the personal growth sector of the bagua.


  1. Blue – Calm, Tranquility, Peace (Water Element)

Blue is a color of truth, communication, peace, calm, spiritually attunement. In Feng shui, the color blue is great for the health, career and money sectors of the bagua.



  1. Purple – Royal, Mysterious, Noble (Fire Element)

Purple is rich, noble, deep, quiet, wise and an excellent prosperity color as it has a high vibration, deep water color and represents royalty and abundance.  Purple has the combined properties of red and blue.  Purple is the perfect color for the wealth corner and has a feeling of royalty, wealth, and high spirituality.


  1. Pink – Gentle, Soothing, Loving (Fire Element)

Pink is the color of unconditional love and feminine energy, which makes it a perfect feng shui color for the relationship corner of the bagua.  Pink is the color of love, nurturing, romance and peace.




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Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green, Red


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