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Feng Shui Brass Wu Lou with Red Ribbon

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Item specifics
  • Style: Feng Shui
  • Material: Brass
  • Size: 9.5×4.5cm/4×1.8inch
  • Weight: 315g
  • Benefits: Offers Protection and Longevity
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Feng Shui Brass Wu Lou with Red Ribbon

There is a strong emphasis on protection and longevity in Feng Shui. There are few symbols that offer both like the precious Wu Luo. The Wu Luo is revered both in Buddhist and Taoist circles as a symbol of long life and perfect health. The Wu Luo is known by many names, such as hulu, bottle gourd, calabash or Wu Luo. It’s often called a calabash because of the calabash tree that the gourds grew from. The gourds were often used to carry water after they dried and were hollowed out.

Because the Wu Luo is in a figure eight shape, it is also reputed to symbolize both heaven and earth, with heaven being at the top and earth at the bottom. Its figure eight shape is considered auspicious for wealth and prosperity. Sometimes the gourd is looked upon as magical and having the beneficial properties of transmuting problems and surmounting difficulties.

In Feng Shui, the Wu Luo is most often shown as a metal figure or as the wooden gourd itself. Displaying these will enhance your life and add protection for health and from accidents or early death. However, in today’s home stores, you can often find ceramic vases and lamps in the classical Wu Luo shape. Adding these to your décor is both classic and timeless – and brings benefits to all in your home.

Here are six ways you can use a Wu Luo for greater health, protection against maliciousness, protection for health and as a remedy for afflictions.

1. Protect you against the 2 Black and 5 Yellow afflictions.

Wu Luos are often made of brass or metal. These are the best protectors against the health problems associated with both the 2 and 5 afflictions. The metal element and the health-enhancing properties of the Wu Luo make this an effective cure against accidents, nagging illnesses, serious injuries and major sickness and broken bones that the 2 and 5 stars can inflict.

2. Create healthful, growing energy.

When we feel stagnant and stuck, a Wu Luo can bring healthy energy that helps us grow. Choose a symbol such as a necklace, jade pendant or other talisman, such as a purse charm to carry with you and promote good fortune and good, healthy growing energy.

3. Transmute problems.

The magical gourd can take malevolent energies of the bad intentions or gossip of others and transform it so that it cannot harm you. Adding a Wu Luo at your work desk or bedside can help protect you from their destructive aims and promote your health and well-being.

4. Attract beneficial energies.

Many gods and deities are shown holding a Wu Luo as it is associated with the nectar of immortality and protection for the living. Because of this, the Wu Luo is believed to attract beneficial energies and benevolent beings who can help and assist you in life.

5. Recover from illness.

Whenever you or a loved one has fallen ill, place a Wu Luo next to your bedside to enhance and speed your recovery. The Wu Luo will help to promote good health and displace the illness by absorbing and transmuting the illness energy.

6. Enhance health and state of mind for the whole family.

Enhancing the family relationships, oldest son, healthy and vital growing energy, be sure and place a Wu Luo in the east corner of the living room. The Wu Luo will promote vitality and help provide a mental and physical lift if you suffer from ill health, depression or worry.


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