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Feng Shui Chinese Wealth Ingots

$19.99 $17.99

Item specifics
  • Style: Feng Shui
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 2.2in x 0.8in x 1.3in
  • Weight: 98g
  • Benefits: Attracts Wealth and Abundance


Feng Shui Chinese Wealth Ingots

Feng shui gold ingots are favorite items by feng shui masters to be included to the wealth vase and wealth ships. They are also often placed at the altar, in front of Wealth Deities like Chai Shen Yeh, Fuk Luk Sau and Tua Peh Kong. The bigger the gold ingots, then the better they are for you. In order to produce double impact, many of the gold ingots are carved with various Chinese character such as ‘fu’ (fortune). The gold ingot symbols are very commonly owned by businessmen and tycoons in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

These objects are also said to create abundance in wealth as well as to protect the existing wealth from being loss.

According to feng shui, there are proper ways for you to place these lucky objects to obtain effective results.

  • Display your wealth pot or gold ingots (can be both) in the family rooms or living room, offices and business premises, especially in the wealth sector (Southeast) to enhance or activate your wealth luck. Some people even place them in the wealth corner of each room within their house for faster results.
  • Display your wealth pot or gold ingots (or both) facing the entrance so that it can be seen easily when you enter the room. When placing them at the main entrance, make sure people can view them when they enter the home. That will allow good chi flows through main entry points in your premise.
  • You also can display them in your Northwest sector of the house to activate financial support luck.
  • Position your gold ingots and wealth pot at the front counter or cash register of your store to draw the attention of more customers and increase the income opportunities.
  • When looking for or making the bars, make sure that it’s best to have them in even number (for example, two or eight).
  • Do not place wealth pots and gold ingots on the floor, kitchen and toilets. You also should not place them in a fire element areas or this might actually end up causing you more problems rather than being a help.


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