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Flower of Life Pendant and Necklace

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Item specifics
  • Pendant Size: 25mm
  • Item Type: Pendant Necklaces
  • Material: Glass
  • Chain Type: Link Chain
  • Chain Length: 45+5 cm / 17.71+1.96 inch
  • Pendants size:2.8cm*3.6cm / 1.1*1.41 inch
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
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Flower of Life Pendant and Necklace


 Flower of life is an important shape in sacred geometry, formed out of circles which are combined in a special geometrical order. It is considered to be the only most powerful pattern of creation as all objects and creatures that are found in our tangible world are believed to have emerged from it. The flower of life as a symbol has been known in cultures of China, Greece, Egypt, and even Japan, and long before the currently existing civilizations were formed. Even though some believe that it has come from aliens, it is no doubt that this symbol of creation is a product of higher intelligence and more developed consciousness. The flower of life gives life to many other important symbols used in religions, mysticism and Kabbalah – such as the seed of life, the fruit of life, the tree of life and the egg of life – all of which have a prominent role in explaining the creation of the universe and the life itself.

The discovery of this symbol’s potent meaning led to its wide use in talismans and magic charms. It is believed that Flower of life amulets behold the magic energy of creation which helps us get closer to God. As admitted by many spiritually inclined and religious-minded people, all our troubles and challenges come from our separation from the creator. To a certain degree, we are all separated from our common father, some more than others, and are dominated by our desire to be independent and individualistic. However, even though we enjoy being unique, our separation from God nourishes the seeds of uncertainty, self-doubt, distrust, pain, anxiety and anxiousness.

Many people struggle through life without finding peace and discovering their true predestination because they fail to see their personal connection to God and God’s omnipresent powers. The flower of life amulets may open us up for a spiritual meeting with God and, as a result, could promote emotional and physical healing. Because such amulets are charged with the energy of creation, they attempt to strengthen our ties to God and bring us closer to the powerful energy of life. Additionally, there is a strong connection between all leaving creatures and everything in the world, which is expressed through the interwoven geometry of the flower of life. Therefore, wearing flower of life amulets may bring us closer to other people, makes us an active part of the world we live in, and promotes our inclusion into other circles.

The magic energy of creation that comes out of these amulets may help people overcome stress, depression, empathy and disappointment. It attempts to fill them with enthusiasm, thirst for life and positive attitude. The purpose of the flower of life is to give life, and therefore, it is often worn by people who experience problems with fertility or need to protect their children.

Flower of life has a very important meaning in Kabbalah. It is the beginning of all beginnings. It is the root of the Tree of Life, which explains the source of life and the meaning of creation on planet Earth. As taught by followers of Kabbalah flower of life possesses the vital energy of life, which can be explored and utilized by anyone who can tap into it. The symbol is often used by kabbalists to strengthen their connection to the spiritual light of God and draw the vibrant living energy from the universe. It can be done by focusing their attention on the flower of life during a peaceful meditation, or by wearing the amulet with the symbol engraved on it. In addition to helping with the meditation, the symbol also promotes proper breathing. The importance of breathing has been emphasized by people who practice yoga since a very long time. Simply thinking about the flower of life helps the body relax and tune into the universal vibrations, which promote deep and proper inhaling of the positively charged air.

The symbolism of the flower of life is a good point of exploration for anyone interested in where we all came from. It explains the origin of the stars, planets, the entire universe and life. Answers to many questions are miraculously contained in one intricate symbol. Regardless of where the symbol is found, the flower of life brings with it a surge of positive energy, which promotes creativity and inspiration. There is something special about the connection that this symbol establishes between its owner and the rest of the world. Once the person learns how to use it, endless opportunities and horizons will open up to enhance one’s perceptions and experiences of the living world.

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Purple-Yellow, Green Mandala, White-Yellow, Orange-Yellow-Chakra


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