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Natural Ammolite Pendant

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Item specifics
  • Item Type: Pendants
  • Material: Ammolite
  • Benefits: Attracts general good luck and health, prosperity, stamina and high energy
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Natural Ammolite Pendant


Ammolite is gem ammonite fossil that I am told has been compressed under great pressure beneath the ground, which is what gives it its wonderful colors. Ammolite is said to radiate positive Earth energy, and to bring good luck and prosperity. It is also said to grant miracles. Ammolite is excellent as a tool for deep meditation. Ammolite is also used mystically for general good health, stamina and high energy. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Ammolite helps to awaken your awareness of evolutionary shifts in consciousness – in yourself and in the world in general. Ammolite is one of the key crystals on Earth today that you can work with in order to be a conscious and active leader of this massive shifting. It specifically assists in the activation of all physical and etheric DNA strands, awakening the ‘perfect’ human state within you.

Through your own personal empowerment, Ammolite converts negative energy into positive, healing vibrations, deepens meditations, increases general health, instils stamina, relieves trauma and improves your mood.

Because of its Earth connections, opalescence and structure, Ammolite brings abundance, good luck and prosperity. It also attracts miracles into your life! Physically, it is helpful in all cranio-sacral work.

Feng Shui practitioners often use it to detoxify the body and improve overall well being by improving energy flow. They also attribute different influences to the many colours displayed by individual stones, affecting each wearer differently.


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